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Datum: 26 april 2022

Review van 'Lissabonhaven 22'

HR Makelaars will do everything to get the best deal for you! One of the key decisionmaking factors to choose HR Makelaars was that they have in-house stylist and photographer. So it's not an external contractor who just comes to make pictures but rather do super thorough inspection upfront and only then take photos with adding their own decoration elements. And when some things don't go well with the buyers, HR Makelaars are always there to support you and make the right decisions. By the way, they also can assist you on the mortgage as there's a HR Hypotheek now! Same company, all-inclusive service, what else can you ask for!? Overall, I can't be grateful enough for HR Makelaars on how they helped us during the sale of our house. Don't think, just choose them. They will definitely exceed your expectations.
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HR Makelaars Purmerend 0299 - 20 08 08
  • HR Makelaars Amsterdam 020 - 229 94 74
  • HR Makelaars Zaandam 075 - 207 92 05
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